By definition, a seller’s market occurs when there are many more buyers looking for homes, than there are homes for sale. In this type of market, TIMING IS KEY! Though not impossible, you’ll need to be a savvy homebuyer to find a home you and your family will love!

So, what’s the most important thing a homebuyer can do? The most essential step in getting the home you want is to work with a trusted Realtor, who can advise you on market conditions and has the earliest access to the most recent listings.

After you’ve hired a Realtor, here are my top ten ways to ensure you get the keys:

  • Do not offer less than list price

  • Consider a larger earnest money deposit

  • If the owner is still living in the house, ask when they want to move. Giving the seller a few extra days adds a few goodwill points they will appreciate

  • Get a local pre approval letter. Better yet, send them an approval letter that has already gone through the underwriting process

  • Get in early. Try to be one of the first showings, the less people trampling through their home, the happier the seller is

  • Consider opting out of the inspection contingency — it shows the seller you’re serious

  • Pay cash

  • Move quickly once you find the house you want

  • Start with your best offer, you may not get the chance to submit another

  • Write a personal letter to the sellers, stating why you love their home

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